Why Install Antimicrobial Copper?

Just compare the cost of installing Antimicrobial copper to the cost of treating infections.  UK Study determines that installing Antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in a 20 bed ward cost the equivalent of treating 1.5 healthcare associated infections. Consultant Microbiologist at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Professor Elliott led the UK trial of antimicrobial copper surfaces at Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital. He and his team discovered touch surfaces such as taps, door handles, light switches and dressings trolleys that were made from copper and copper alloys benefitted from the metal’s natural antimicrobial activity and had greater than 90% less microbial contamination on them than the same items on the same ward made from conventional materials. This finding has since been confirmed by results from US and Chilean studies. In the Selly Oak trial, Professor Elliott judged that the cost of installing antimicrobial copper surfaces on the 20-bed general medical ward was roughly equivalent to the cost associated with treating 1.5 healthcare-associated infections. He further pointed out: “For the one-off cost of installing antimicrobial copper surfaces, you get continuous microbial contamination reduction throughout the products’ life, and these materials are durable and long-lasting.”